Store Associate Tablet Solution for the
Retail Customer Experience of the Future

Delivering deep product and customer knowledge into the hands of retail associates to deliver more knowledgeable, personalized service to shoppers.

Deep Product Knowledge at the Associate’s Fingertips

Detailed product specifications, multi-media, and customer reviews can all be easily accessed by store associates as they interact with shoppers, to help them make faster, more informed purchase decisions.

Highly Personalized Customer Service

Associates have access to a shopper's purchase history and preferences across both physical stores and online, giving them a more complete view of the customer. Armed with this information, associates can deliver more personalized product recommendations and more relevant sales advice.

Mobile Omnichannel Point of Sale

Tulip's tablet Point of Sale easily handles blended e-commerce, mobile and in-store orders enabling associates to check out items that are in-stock immediately and have items that are available online or at other locations, sent to the customer's home.

Easy Deployment that Enables Testing and Experimentation

A cloud-based solution, Tulip is easy to deploy with minimal IT involvement. Tulip easily connects to existing back office systems to access product information, order history, e-commerce, payments, loyalty and promotions, making it easy to do incremental deployments without modifying existing systems. Retailers can quickly and easily run tests in a small number of stores to gather data before doing a broader deployment across many stores.